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Return to ringing

News and ringing organisations are getting excited and are looking to the restarting of bellringing. This will need careful working to keep within safety limits.

We are fortunate at Hensingham because we have the Ellecombe chiming mechanism, which I set up prior to lockdown. This has enabled us to keep the bells sounding each Sunday. I do not see any need to rush back to conventional ringing until practices can also restart.

If anyone wants to take turns on the chimes please let me know, but this wont happen until we all have access to the church.

God bless you all and I hope we can all meet up again soon

No Ringing until further notice.

All ringing is Cancelled, but Soo and I will ring the Ellecombe (carrilon) at 12.00 each Sunday to remind people of the presence of the church in the community.

Keep safe, Gordon