Chris and Gordon Create havoc in Tower

P1070109aanother good night at Hensingham. Entertainment was supplied by Chris and Gordon. Chris doesn’t know her own strength, and I thought it was Phil that overpulled. Good news is that the rope has been spliced with a polypropalene top end. It should last a good while. Next job is to repair the stay that broke when Gordon lost concentration while Chris was snake charming with her Sally!

One response to “Chris and Gordon Create havoc in Tower

  • Chris


    But I do think saying I do not know my own strength hides the bit I am most proud of: MY bell set when the rope broke! A perfect pull!!!

    What happened to the treble?? Did you just forget to catch it – or did you overpull in your excitement?

    What night – what a laugh!!! Haven’t stopped grinning about it all, yet!

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